Macau Creations

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

Because of the Southern European atmosphere and flourishing entertainment industry, Macau attract many tourists here every day. Besides these obvious semblances, its rich culture story is also fascinating.


In recent centuries, Chinese and foreign culture had been mingling, bringing different tastes of culture and works integrate these flavors into daily life. As you have already been in Macau now, collecting an artwork about Macau is one of things you should do.


Located near the Ruins of St.Paul’s Church (Also has a location at Macau Tower), Macau Creation is a special little store, selling creative artwork products created by professional artists. These products are full of Macau’s culture, very worth for you to collect.



Macau Creation is the largest private owned creative brand in Macau as of present. You can also enjoy the art exhibit located downstairs. They are trying to allow the public to appreciate the artworks in full and to further the understanding of Macau’s creative.

What can you get there: Creative Macau artworks.


How to get there: at the Center of Peninsula

Address & map: No.5, Ruins of Right Street, Peninsula. 地址:半岛大三巴右街5号

Also, has a location at Macau Tower.

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