MGM Grand Macau Casino

From the ferry terminal it was less than a 10-minute ride to MGM Grand Macau casino. Once you are close to it, you will see the fashion design and colorful mirrored exterior. When you enter it, you will find the service here is unbeatable. You’ll notice that any time you pull up, there will be an army of porters and bellmen opening the door and greeting you.


The casino has a security check point though they really don’t do much and there is never a line. If you bring your camera and phone in your pocket, it usually won’t beep. They search bags too and won’t let you bring in any liquids including free bottle of water. Taking picture is also forbidden here.


Possessing of a total business area of 24,000 square meters, the casino offers more than 400 table games and 1000 slot machines. There are all the games you can find in Vegas like blackjack, roulette, keno and slot machines. The most popular game here is baccarat. There are also some special games like Sic Bo, means you bet if the total score of the three dice will be high (between 11-17) or low (between 4-10).


After gambling, you must have to try the 25,000 square feet spa run by Six Senses, which is the perfect day to end the day and relax totally. If you don’t want to pay the high prices of spa treatments, you can also choose Massage Centre, which is also pretty awesome but much more cheaper.


Tel: (853)-8802 8888

Website: | MGM hotel deals and packages

Address & Map: B2, Zone B, NAPE, Peninsula. 半岛澳门外港新填海区B区B2街区A地段