Oceanus Macau

Oceanus Macau is the only casino which connect with the Macau Ferry Terminal directly, only a three-minute dash from the city’s main port of entry. People call it the most convenient casino in Macau.


Oceanus is the first casino that passengers reach upon arriving at the ferry terminal. Designed by the world-class casino designer Paul Steelman, the exterior of Oceanus is magnificent and attractive. With  the blue theme color, accompanied by warm red, orange and green, Oceanus looks like the colorful sea world.


Possessing of a total business area of 345,000 square foot, it offers 260 gambling tables and 560 slot machines, covering all kinds of games, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Fan Tan and much more. You can always find a game you love here.


Oceanus is also displaying a $250,000 Italian white truffle and the $350,000 sequined glove worn by Michael Jackson as he premiered his ‘moonwalk’ on national TV in 1983.


Tel: (853)8801-3388

Website: www.oceanus-macau.com

Address & Map: Near the Macau Ferry Terminal . 澳门客运码头旁